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I'm stuck on the last step of the Twitter gem implementation and I have everything working. Except, when users post, everything is getting sent to the same one Twitter account.

There are users who are not authenticated using omniauth and some are. At the moment, there is only 1 entry in the Authentications table and everything is getting posted through this to the same Twitter account.

Here's the code

class PostsController < ApplicationController
def create
    redirect_to root_path

Here's how "twitter" is defined in my Application Controller

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
def twitter
    unless @twitter_user
      provider = Authentication.find_by_provider('twitter')
      @twitter_user = Twitter::Client.new(:oauth_token => provider.token, :oauth_token_secret => provider.secret) rescue nil

How can I make the twitter.update(@post.content) only happen for those authenticated through omniauth and make sure any posts sent to Twitter are sent to the correct account given the codes above?

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provider = Authentication.find_by_provider('twitter')

You're pulling out the Twitter authentication information based on just the provider being 'twitter'. If you wish to post to an account tied to a particular user, you need to fetch the twitter credentials based on something that uniquely identifies the user.

I don't know your exact model scheme, but in pseudocode it might look something like this:

provider = Authentication.find_by_email(current_user.email)


provider = Authentication.find_by_handle(current_user.handle)
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