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I am quite new to SQL, most of my other questions I have been able to answer by searching but this one seemed harder to find something similar. I did see this and this which seemed similar, but I was not able to find an answer although I think it should be straightforward.

To simplify my database, I am trying to join two of my tables into a view.

The one table (a_main) has a mapping between a user ID (UID) and their user name (name) The second table (log_points) has a number of columns including two users (user1 and user2). The two users are identified by user ID, but I would like to show their user names in the view.


SELECT name, UID FROM a_main

returns something like

Jeff 1234

SELECT date, user1, user2 FROM log_points


2013-03-22 1222 1234

I would like the view to return the users by their name instead of id.

If it was just one user, I could do a straightforward JOIN

SELECT date, FROM log_points 
INNER JOIN a_main ON log_points.user1 = a_main.UID

but I can't figure out how to also join user2 to a_main.UID.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am using MySQL.

EDIT found the answer here.

SELECT AS person1, AS person2
FROM log_points t
INNER JOIN a_main t1 ON t1.UID = t.user1
INNER JOIN a_main t2 ON t2.UID = t.user1;
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there are 2 users 1222, 1234 which act like columns in log points table...right? – Praveen Nambiar Apr 12 '13 at 22:20
I figured it out, I found a related question that solved it - – Jeff-P Apr 12 '13 at 22:21
@Jeff-P then you should probably tell us what the solution were - for when someone else has somewhat the same issue as yours. ;-) – Darwind Apr 12 '13 at 22:28
I put it at the bottom after EDIT. I wasnt sure how to add formatting to make it highlight and format as code – Jeff-P Apr 12 '13 at 22:47
You can just answer your own question - it's allowed… – Rich Tolley Apr 12 '13 at 23:09
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Try this:

SELECT AS person1, AS person2
FROM log_points t
JOIN a_main t1 ON t1.UID = t.user1
JOIN a_main t2 ON t2.UID = t.user1;
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Try this

 SELECT date, (SELECT name FROM a_main where UID=user1)as user1, (SELECT name FROM a_main where UID=user2)as user2 FROM log_points.

Can any give insight on performance both queries.

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