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Normally, Hadoop examples define how to do word count for a file or multiple files, the result of word count 'll be from entire set!

i wish to do wordcount for each paragraph and store in seperate files like paragh(i)_wordcnt.txt.

how to do it? (the issue is mapper runs for entire set and reducer collects output finally!

can i do something like if i reach a specific mark write results! ) say if filecontent:


can i do like on seeing para2 write results of wordcount of para1? or if other way writing each para in seperate file how to do like this sequence

   goto loop;
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You need to make the RecordReader read a paragraph at a time. See this question: Overriding RecordReader to read Paragraph at once instead of line

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I am writing the basic funda as how we can do it.

I think we have to run linked mapper and reducer for this proccess.

In the first mapper you have to use RecordReader and set its key as whole paragraph. This way we will get as many keys as paragraph you have.Then you need to use the reducer as identity reducer and again let the output of reducer to a new mapper which will get paragraph as key.

Now since you have paragraph in your new mapper ,you can tweak the famous word count code for your need.(Just replacing KEYS with VALUES here and all rest will be same).

Since you have nested mapper in a reducer ,getting the word count of a paragraph in separate files will be easy.

Please tell if my method is not correct.

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