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I'm trying to create a query which deals with two tables:


Column Name     Type      Constraint
REGION_Cd       Number    Primary Key
REGION_Desc     String

Table: STATS

Column Name     Type      Constraint
AGE             Number    Primary Key
REGION          Number    Foreign Key to REGION (REGION_Cd)
POPULATION      Number

How could I create a query such that it finds the population for two age groups (0-15, 16-30) and displayed in the following format:

Region_Desc    AgeGroup     Population
South          0‐15         11253
South          16‐30       235234

Since the AgeGroup column isnt actually a column in the tables, I should be using an AS statement, correct?

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case when age between 0 and 15 then '0-15' else when age between 16 and 30 then '16-30' case else 'over 30' – xQbert Apr 12 '13 at 23:14

Perhaps something like... but it assumes you want sum of population in age group/region. which may or maynot be correct depending on how population works in the database

Select Region_Desc, case when age between 0 and 15 then '0-15' 
  when age between 16 and 30 then '16-30' 
  else 'over 30' end as AgeGroup, 
sum(Population) as Population
FROM Region INNER JOIN STATS on region_Cd = Region
GROUP BY Region_DESC, AgeGroup
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SELECT Region_DESC, AgeGroup, Population
(select REGION, sum(POPULATION) as Population, '0-15' AS AgeGroup
from STATS
Where Age between 0 and 15
group by REGION
Select REGION, SUM(POPULATION) as Population, '16-30' As AgeGroup
from STATS
Where Age between 16 and 30
group by REGION) s
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I think there's a FROM statement missing after the first 'Population', no? Could you maybe clarify? – user209306 Apr 13 '13 at 2:30
Yep. sorry about that, was answering on my mobile phone! – Dog Ears Apr 13 '13 at 20:49

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