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Suppose I check out trunk and I am root of trunk directory in my local machine and I want to merge changes made to the trunk (range 62-65) to a branch. I checked out trunk and did svn up and run this merge cmd.

svn merge -r 62-65 svn+ssh://url/to/branch

It run ok but the result was wrong. I run svn diff see those changes and found out a log saying the range I specified was applied to the branch.

Merged /trunk/MyApp:r12-15
Merged /branch:r62-65

What I was trying to do is to take those changes from trunk which I am currently at in my locally machine within the range 62-65 and applying those changes to the branch I specified.

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance

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To merge a range of revisions from trunk onto a branch you need to have the branch checked out, not trunk.

From the root of your working copy do something like this:

svn sw url/to/branches/branch
svn merge -r 62-65 url/to/trunk

... then fix any merge conflicts, review and commit if you're happy.

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And for newbie - # at first go to file system path - cd {{fs_path_destination_branch}}, # then run "svn sw {{url_path_destination_branch}}" with url by svn explorer, # then svn merge {{url_path_source_branch/trunk}} with url by svn explorer. –  Bruno Garett May 2 at 15:18
1) use svn switch to go to branch
2) svn mergeinfo --show-revs eligible "url_to_trunk"  (it will show eligible revisions)
3) svn merge --dry-run -r 74299:74493 "url_to_trunk" (dry run is used to see what will happen after marge i.e., if any conflict or not. here marged from rev 74299 to rev 74493)
4) svn merge -r 74299:74493 "url_to_trunk" (finally marge)
5) svn commit (if expected result, commit marged files to branch)
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  1. Check out a working copy of your branch

    svn co url/to/branch

  2. Enter the working copy root

  3. Merge relevant changesets from trunk and resolve all conflicts

    svn merge - r 63:65 ^/trunk

  4. Verify that everything was properly merged and commit the branch.

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