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This is a piece of code:

def add(a, b) 
  a + b;

print "Tell number 1 : "
number1 = gets.to_f

print "and number 2 : "
number2 = gets.to_f

puts "#{number1}+#{number2} = " , add(number1, number2) , "\n"`

When I run it, my results are spread over several lines:

C:\Users\Filip>ruby ext1.rb
Tell number 1 : 2
and number 2 : 3
3.0+3.0 =


Why doesn't puts() print in a single line, and how can keep the output on one line?

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I see no reason to close this unless there's an exact duplicate I couldn't find. It's a real question with a straightforward answer that others are likely to find helpful. –  Darshan-Josiah Barber Apr 13 '13 at 2:52

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gets() includes the newline. Replace it with gets.strip. (Update: You updated your code, so if you're happy working with floats, this is no longer relevant.)

puts() adds a newline for each argument that doesn't already end in a newline. Your code is equivalent to:

print "#{number1}+#{number2} = ", "\n",
      add(number1, number2) , "\n",

You can replace puts with print:

print "#{number1}+#{number2} = " , add(number1, number2) , "\n"`

or better:

puts "#{number1}+#{number2} = #{add(number1, number2)}"
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Puts adds a newline to the end of the output. Print does not. Try print.


You might also want to replace gets with gets.chomp.

puts "After entering something, you can see the the 'New Line': "
a = gets
print a

puts "After entering something, you can't see the the 'New Line': "
a = gets.chomp
print a
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Because puts prints a string followed by a newline. If you do not want newlines, use print instead.

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