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I have emacs 24.3 installed on windows, and tried to install ecb version 20130406.1406 through the package manager, however, during the compiling process, i had the following error message:

jn-file-tree.el:31:1:Error: Cannot open load file: jn-tree-node

Compiling file c:/Users/zyuan/.emacs.d/elpa/ecb-20130406.1406/ecb2/jn-tree-node.el at Fri Apr 12 19:03:13 2013 jn-tree-node.el:32:1:Error: Cannot open load file: jn-utils

Compiling file c:/Users/zyuan/.emacs.d/elpa/ecb-20130406.1406/ecb2/jn-tree-view.el at Fri Apr 12 19:03:13 2013 jn-tree-view.el:31:1:Error: Cannot open load file: jn-window

Compiling file c:/Users/zyuan/.emacs.d/elpa/ecb-20130406.1406/ecb2/jn-utils.el at Fri Apr 12 19:03:13 2013

Compiling file c:/Users/zyuan/.emacs.d/elpa/ecb-20130406.1406/ecb2/jn-window.el at Fri Apr 12 19:03:13 2013 jn-window.el:44:25:Error: Invalid lambda variable (parent jn-window-container)

Compiling file c:/Users/zyuan/.emacs.d/elpa/ecb-20130406.1406/ecb2/test.el at Fri Apr 12 19:03:13 2013 test.el:31:1:Error: Cannot open load file: jn-tree-view ...

did any one encounter this before?

anyway, despite the above errors, it was installed, and i was able to activate ecb by run M-x ecb-activate, however i got an error message as follow:

The ECB is now deactivated. ecb-clean-up-after-activation-failure: ECB 2.40: Errors during the layout setup of ECB. (error-type: void-variable, error-data: (ecb-examples-bufferinfo-buffer-name))

thanks alot!

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I am getting a similar error with a later version: stackoverflow.com/questions/20129637/… –  M Smith Nov 21 '13 at 21:39

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