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Sorry if the question title is a little vague, I'm not sure the best way of wording it.

The columns in my query are id and date_added

I am wanting to get results from my table and I have a "date range".

Lets say the day range is 5 So if the first row had the date "2013-04-01" then it will show all results from "2012-04-01" up to the "2012-04-06". The problem is that first date changes regularly.

This is my query right now, but it isn't working correctly

SELECT oh.date_added AS date_shipped, o.date_added FROM oc_order o , oc_order_history oh WHERE o.order_id = oh.order_id AND oh.order_status_id = 3 AND oh.date_added BETWEEN oh.date_added AND DATE_ADD(oh.date_added, INTERVAL 1 DAY)

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Peter

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See DATE_ADD function

SELECT * FROM orders 
WHERE date BETWEEN {date_added} AND DATE_ADD({date_added}, INTERVAL 5 DAY)
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Hi there. Thanks for the reply. It doesn't seem to be working however :( I will make an edit to my code so you can see my exact SQL code. Thanks –  Peter Stuart Apr 13 '13 at 0:51

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