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I have a data file, with column 1 as the independent variable and columns 2 and 3 as dependent variables. I want to plot variables 2 and 3 on different y axes using something like this:

plot "file.out" u 1:2 axes x1y1, "file.out" u 1:3 axes x1y2

When I do this, the "0" for both axes are offset from one another. How can I fix the zero of one y-axis to the zero of the other y-axis, without explicitly setting yrange to be symmetric for both quantities?

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Unfortunately, you can't (at least not in general). If the yrange has the same percent above and below 0, it should probably work, e.g.:

set yrange [-5:10]
set y2range [-10:20]

But if you don't want to do that, then I don't know that there's a better solution...

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