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I am trying to make an online quiz application where the user will be presented with a quiz that contains text, images and math equations. I also want the user to be able to print that quiz. I am using MathJax to display the equations.

If the quiz contains just text and images but no math equations, I can use DomPdf to convert the quiz HTML to a PDF and have the user print it.

However, how can I go about creating a PDF that has both the content from the HTML tags in the quiz and the math equations from the quiz rendered by MathJax?

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According to this post: wkhtmltopdf can convert the mathjax if you force a delay on the javascript rendering. I just got finished talking to a guy here: Printing the current page to pdf using wkhtmltopdf about how to get a page saved to pdf using wkhtmltopdf from php. If you put those two things together, I think you can get what you want.

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