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I am making a website that follows John Papa's Code Camper SPA Jumpstart Pluralsight course. My database/entities has the following hierarchy:

  • Proficiency contains Action(s) and Level(s).

When I delete a "Proficiency", I get the following server side error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Looking at the json JObject saveBundle in the BreezeController, I am seeing a mysterious:

"undefined": false,

in every entity. None of my entities have a Boolean in them. Just like in Code Camper, I am adding an "isPartial" in the constructor of each entity as shown in the code below.

        var proficiencyConstructor = function () {
        this.isPartial = false;

        metadataStore.registerEntityTypeCtor('Proficiency', proficiencyConstructor, proficiencyInitializer);

    function proficiencyInitializer(proficiency) {
    var empty = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000";
    if ( === empty) {;

My gut says the mysterious "undefined":false is the "isPartial" property. According to the documentation, the "Breeze adds the isPartial property to the Entity metadata as an unmapped property. The values of unmapped properties are not transmitted to the service." I am stuck. Anyone recommend things I can do to figure this out?

Thanks, Dan

Here is a sample from the savebundle

{ "entities": [ { "Id": "a0223d7c-35e5-458f-ba83-65ec7ec189fa", "Name": "AST Prof0", "IsEnabled": true, "Description": "AST Prof0", "ProficiencyType": "TBD", "ApplicationId": "7ba4b47f-06a3-4ceb-bca6-de3fd3699bbd", "undefined": false, "entityAspect": { "entityTypeName": "Proficiency:#LobGame.Model", "entityState": "Deleted", "originalValuesMap": { "IsPartial": true }, "autoGeneratedKey": null } },

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This is likely due to a bug fix that is now in breeze 1.2.8. This fixed it for me.

From their release notes:

Bug fix for the case where a save involving a delete would fail when that save also involved a modification to an unmapped property.

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