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Is it possible to use the NSIS function StrStr in uninstaller macro functions? Ie, call the function un.StrStr if it exists?

I am having trouble remembering if StrStr is part of the main API like IntCmp and FileExists or if its a function someone has written and widely distrubuted? If its the latter than I'll search through my nsi files and edit the code to work for uninstaller code aswell.

How do other people use StrStr in uninstaller code?

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The native string instructions are StrCpy, StrLen and StrCmp.

StrStr is located in StrFunc.nsh, use ${StrStr} and ${UnStrStr} in your code. See the StrFunc readme for more information...

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why the down vote? PS the code is not mine but a snippet someone has generously made public: nsis.sourceforge.net/Get_command_line_parameter_by_name –  Jake M Apr 13 '13 at 6:23
That code is several years old, most helper functions are wrapped in macros these days to avoid the uninstaller issue. –  Anders Apr 13 '13 at 6:36

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