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newbie to javascript. I have a non DOM function I would like add events to the constructor.

var class=function(){
some code


adding item*/


now I would like to add event to the custructer

var klass=new class;

/*execute on adding item*/

I would attach it with different functions many times.

How can I add event and call the functions?

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It's broken into two parts, the on which collects handlers, and the event triggers, in you case is the add

The on collects the handlers according to the event assigned:

function yourConstructor(){
  this.events = {};

yourConstructor.prototype.on = function(eventName,handler){
  //create a property in `this.events` called `eventName` and put an array
  //in that array, store all handlers for that `eventName`

Then your function, in this case add, executes their specific handlers:

yourConstructor.prototype.add = function(){
  //do what add does
  //then execute all handlers in this.events.add array
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you are awesome –  user1834809 Apr 13 '13 at 8:29

You could implement your own eventing system, however I don't recommend it. There are plenty of good librairies for that already. Here's a few:

I have created a jsFiddle to show how you could use microevent.

function Person(name) {
    this.name = name;

Person.prototype.sayName = function () {
    alert('My name is ' + this.name);
    this.trigger('nameSaid');  //trigger the nameSaid event

//Make Person instances observable by applying the MicroEvent mixin

//Create a new Person instance
var o = new Person('John Doe');

//Listen to the nameSaid event
o.bind('nameSaid', function () {
    alert(this.name + ' just said it\'s name!');

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