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We have a third party .NET application which comes with its' own deployment tool. This deployment tool generates a custom startup.cmd file. We have an option to modify the CFG file but not the cmd file.

I would like to have my own cmd file. Could someone please confirm whether multiple tasks are allowed in a cloud service definition file?

For example...

  <Task commandLine=”thirdpartyPropietryStartup1.cmd” executionContext=”elevated” />    
  <Task commandLine=”startup\startup2.cmd” executionContext=”elevated” />
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Multiple startup tasks should work according to the documentation.

It is not that explicit but it states that

simple tasks are executed synchronously, one at a time, in the order specified in the ServiceDefinition.csdef file.

which would make no sense if multiple tasks would not work.

If there are issues you could always create a combined.cmd which runs thirdpartyPropietryStartup1.cmd and then startup\startup2.cmd (unless your executionContext should be different).

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Multiple tasks are possible. Tested, tried, and working. – Igorek Apr 13 '13 at 17:58

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