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I used the go-pear.php installer (the most recent version you can get # * Get the latest go-pear version from http://pear.php.net/go-pear) and then set the file go-pear.php in my web server as they say so http:// examplesite.net:8080/go-pear.php ...

It seemed to all install correctly on the first 3 stages of installation

4 stages are:

(1)Welcome to Go-PEAR

(2) Configuration

(3) Installation

(4) completed.

The last thing it said was “Writing WebFrontend file ... ok” and Installation Completed ! but it will not go to (4) completed when I click on the link they want me to.

I fixed my PEAR Installation path as it requested. But at the very end when it says click on “Start web Frontend of the PEAR Installer >>” which will take me to step (4) the link that I press goes/tries to link to http://examplesite.net:8080/ \index.php

of course, my server can not link to this or process this. It is looking for /forward slashes only / so I cannot continue on. Therefore, the Installation progress that shows in the progress bars (there are 2 progress bars) are so that only one reads 100% but the other one is still at 0% . The (4)Complete page cannot be linked to despite the fact that the first installation pages say “Installation Completed !” What problems might this cause in my endeavor to enjoy the PEAR experience? Will the program files even link and work at all without this last step being completed (4)???

Also, it says on the top of my go-pear installer

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in C:\WampDeveloper\Websites\examplesite.nt\webroot\pearr\go-pear.php on line 1451 However, this did not appear to cause a problem. I went through with the installation, and with the exception of a few more "Deprecated" warnings like: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in C:\WampDeveloper\Websites\examplesite.nt\webroot\pearr\temp\PEAR\Config.php on line 914

... all the files seemed to install. I’m using PHP version 5.3.10 most of the pear files that were downloaded from go-pear read PHP version 4 in the comments header. Might that be a problem?... or not. I set the path in php.ini as go-pear told me to do when it hit step (3)

include_path = ".;C:\WampDeveloper\Websites\http://tametheplain.net\webroot\pearr/PEAR"

If I move the entire installed pear folder(at least what has been installed up to step (3)) to C: and change include_path=".;C:\php\pear\" Could I simply do this with the files I have installed so far and skip step (4) altogether? Your trouble shooting synopsis would be much appreciated..!!! thanks... :)

In short... can I skip step (4)? and will 'Deprecated' error affect anything that I must be concerned with? I really want to skip step (4) and avoid the messed up file path.

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As that web-installer did not work well for you, why don't you just remove it again and try another installation method? Obviously that code is not really safe to use and it has deprecation warnings so I would not touch it unless I know how I can fix it. –  M8R-1jmw5r Apr 13 '13 at 9:12
Thanks.... I did as U said and found a much better way to install( the .bat file). Now, it works perfectly. –  Ray Morano Apr 19 '13 at 5:46
go-pear probably? should normally work. even on windows ;) –  M8R-1jmw5r Apr 20 '13 at 21:18
pelase add your solution as answer. –  cweiske Apr 20 '13 at 22:41
RayMorano - I'm having the same problem. Could you please post the solution you found. –  Seti Net Jul 22 '13 at 16:05

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