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When freeglut is compiled with _DEBUG it outputs a lot of warnings of different types when an event occurs, such as: 'LeaveNotify', 'MotionNotify' and 'ButtonPress'. Some of these are more useful than others depending on the situation. Specifically, 'MotionNotify' basically spams my debug logs as it is generated on mouse motion.

I am looking for a way to control the warning level by disabling warnings by type.

I have looked into FREEGLUT_PRINT_WARNING , but this does not work. Warnings are printed either with this defined or undefined. Even if it worked, I am still looking for a finer-grained solution.

I have also looked into glutInitWarningFunc to set a callback for warning printing. The callback function receives the formatted string for printing and the corresponding list of arguments. Warnings can be disabled entirely with this, but I see no other option besides string comparison for filtering what should actually get printed. As I see it, comparing strings in at least every mouse movement would be heavy.

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