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I am creating a demo project using breeze/knockout in typescript.

When i have my manager.createEntity("Project") i get a object of type breeze.Entity returned. This have entityAspect and enityType.

I havent been able to find if it is possible to get it to return the correct type, project in my case.

Another solution, if anyone could assist in creating it, would be to have design time support in VS for c# classes in typescript.

I would then be able to do manager.createEntity("Project"); I believe that would be the best way to get types for entities in such situations. Any comments? Anyone who can create me such an extension? or tell me how.

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Could you please clarify the question, not quite sure exactly what you are asking for? – Jay Traband Mar 31 '14 at 18:00
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To answer "I havent been able to find if it is possible to get it to return the correct type, project in my case."

The only solution you have at the moment is type assertion (Typescript alternative to type casting) ie. :

var myProject:Project = <Project>manager.createEntity("Project");

Although a new feature is on the way that makes it super simple to define such definitions. Its called overload on constants :

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I can give you a solution for "alternative an extension to VS to create interfaces from c# class?".

I don't have a VS-extension (yet), but I made a small tool which will create Knockout/Backbone/TypeScript-models/interfaces from your .NET-Domainclasses.

If you use DataAnnotations, you'll get default-values and evaluation on knockout/backbone for free :)

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Sounds interesting. Will take a look – Poul K. Sørensen Apr 2 '14 at 15:06

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