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I'm using Hibernate 4 and I fall a really strange problem: I'have two lazy related tables (Tasks and NoteCreatoreTask) mapped by Entities:

@Table(name = "TASKS", schema = "dbo")
public class Tasks implements java.io.Serializable {

    private TasksId id;
    ...[other properties]...
    private Set<ActivitiesTasks> activitiesTaskses = new HashSet<ActivitiesTasks>(0);
    @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.LAZY, mappedBy = "tasks")
    private Set<NoteTaskCreatore> noteTaskCreatores = new HashSet<NoteTaskCreatore>(0);

    ...[get and set methods]...


@Table(name = "NOTE_TASK_CREATORE")
public class NoteTaskCreatore implements java.io.Serializable {

    private String pkey;
    @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
        @JoinColumn(name = "id_task", referencedColumnName = "id", nullable = false),
        @JoinColumn(name = "codice_creatore_task", referencedColumnName = "codice_creatore", nullable = false) })
    private Tasks tasks;
    ...[other properties]...

    ...[get and set methods]...

I get NoteTaskCreatore and Tasks entities in MyServiceImpl:

List<NoteTaskCreatore> dbNoteTaskCreatoreList = dao.getNote();
List<Tasks> dbTasksList = daoTasks.getTasks();

and this is MyDaoImpl:

public List<NoteTaskCreatore > getNote() {
    Session session = (Session) this.getEntityManager().getDelegate();
    String sqlQuery = getQueryNote();
    SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery(sqlQuery);

    List<NoteTaskCreatore> list = query.list();

    return list;

public List<Tasks> getTasks() {
    Session session = (Session) this.getEntityManager().getDelegate();
    String sqlQuery = getQueryTask();
    SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery(sqlQuery);

    List<Tasks> list = query.list();

    return list;

queries string are:


select distinct ntc.*  from   NOTE_TASK_CREATORE ntc   inner join   TASKS t    on ntc.id_task = t.id and ntc.codice_creatore_task = t.codice_creatore  where   t.id_stato <> 6   and   t.codice_creatore = 'F58' 


select distinct t.*  from   TASKS t   inner join   ACTIVITIES_TASKS at    on t.id = at.id_task and t.codice_creatore = at.codice_creatore_task   inner join    ACTIVITIES a    on a.codice_creatore = at.codice_creatore_activity and a.id = at.id_activity  where   a.data_inizio > GETDATE()-150   and     t.codice_creatore = 'F58' union  select distinct t.*  from   TASKS t  where   codice_creatore = 'F58'   and   data_fine > GETDATE()-150 

Executing dao.getNote(); "before" daoTasks.getTasks(); some returned Tasks will have id property valued NULL (there are not null records in db)

Executing dao.getNote(); "after" daoTasks.getTasks(); all returned Tasks will have correct values

It's look like query.addEntity(NoteTaskCreatore); keeps entities memory after method ends. So Tasks that have not NoteTaskCreatore relation will have id null values.

Could somebody help me?

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