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My web application already does OAUTh authentication successfully with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc. using REST and/or signpost-oauth library.

So once I already have ACCES_TOKEN from GoogleAPIs server using my web app , I want to use Google Drive Client to access files etc.

This is the google Drive example but it relies upon using Google authorization code flow ( which I can't understand well enough to use with my Java EE web app )

 // authorization
 Credential credential = authorize();
 // set up the global Drive instance
 drive = new Drive.Builder(HTTP_TRANSPORT, JSON_FACTORY, credential)

How do I change this to use ACCESS_TOKEN and other credentials that I have already obtained through my web application's OAUTH framework ?

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If you already have an Access Token, you can simply do this:

Credential credential = new GoogleCredential().setAccessToken(yourAccessToken);

If you have an Access Token AND a Refresh Token, which is much better since you can get automatic token refresh from the client library, you should do this:

Credential credential = new GoogleCredential.Builder()
    .setClientSecrets(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET)

Also Check the GoogleCredential Javadoc for more examples.

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I tried a lot for 3 days to create credentials object in other ways. But this one worked fine. Thank you very much @Nivco. –  Abhijeet Ashok Muneshwar Feb 24 '14 at 6:54

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