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I would like to keep this one short. I build a HouseA that has two rooms, say BedRoom and StudyRoom, both deriving from a base class called Room. BedRoom and StudyRoom have a same parent called House. Also, any room in a house can access any other rooms only through the parent. If BedRoom has to access any attribute of StudyRoom, it has to go only via House (i.e. parent) and vice-versa.

HouseA ISA House
HouseA HAS BedRoom and StudyRoom.
BedRoom ISA Room
StudyRoom ISA Room

Now the Problem: Let's say, I build another home (say HouseB), which is a exactly the same as the above, but with one change. I don't want two separate rooms (i.e. BedRoom and StudyRoom), but instead a single room (MasterRoom) which has both these facilities. For the sake of code reusability, I could think of the following design options:

HouseB ISA House
HouseB HAS MasterRoom
MasterRoom ISA Room

Here I lose the ability to reuse the attributes of BedRoom and StudyRoom that I created for HouseA. Note that most of the attributes of BedRoom and StudyRoom need to be reimplemented in MasterRoom anyway, thereby resulting in code duplication.

HouseB ISA House
HouseB HAS MasterRoom
MasterRoom ISA Room
MasterRoom HAS LogicalBedroom
MasterRoom HAS LogicalStudyRoom
LogicalBedroom ISA BedRoom
LogicalStudyRoom ISA StudyRoom

This way, I use composition so that I could reuse most of my code (I have several thousand lines of code that I could reuse), but the problem is that BedRoom is a concrete class and logicalBedRoom may find certain attributes not suitable and may be forced to override methods so that they do nothing. For example, Bedroom->noOfSides() = 4 and logicalBedRoom->noOfSides() = ??. Is this a good use of inheritance?

My actual design is for a complex chip that combines the functionality of two individual chips (I used House (motherboard) and Room (chip) analogy). I code in Object Oriented Perl and I would really appreciate any alternate design suggestions.


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Why not use roles to achieve this:

House A has a Bedroom
Bedroom does SleepingArea
House has a Studyroom
Studyroom does ComfyArea

House B has a MasterRoom
MasterRoom does SleepingArea and ComfyArea

The easiest way to get roles is to use Moose.

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Is Role same as Mixin in Ruby? – rpattabi Jan 20 '11 at 18:33
@ragu.pattabi, roles are similar to mixins. The main difference is that roles have some controls on when they can be applied--roles can require that certain methods are available in a consuming class. There are other differences, too. Perl usage of the term role maps to 'traits' in the larger world of OO research. In Perl/Moose a trait is a role applied to a method using the meta-object protocol, which is beyond the scope of this reply. I raise the point so that I can avoid the appearance of non-sequitor as I direct you to a resource on traits in general: – daotoad Jan 21 '11 at 15:12
That means roles provide mechanism like template method pattern without the baggage of inheritance. That's pretty interesting. – rpattabi Jan 22 '11 at 3:17
@ragu.pattabi, yes. The papers on the traits are worth a read. They go into depth on the advantages of traits vs inheritance and mixin code reuse. Roles/traits are amazing, to find out exactly why read the papers, find an implementation, and try them out. – daotoad Jan 22 '11 at 17:49
I will look out for traits. Thank you. – rpattabi Jan 28 '11 at 9:14

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