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I am working on Push Notification GCM in android. I am done with basic functionality means at that i am sending a text message and receiving it as notification on android device. Now i want to send sound and image file which will be my notification on android. is there any way to do it because GCM allows message of size 4kb and i don't see any example in which an image or sound is sending as notification . Any help or link or tutorial would be appreciated.

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check this question –  Eran Apr 13 '13 at 13:01

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You're right about the size limit. It is 4kb and cannot be any larger. If you need to send an image / sound or other binary data, send custom json with the message that points to a URL that houses the binary data (say http://myserver.com/mysoundfile.ext).

Your custom GCMIntentService can parse the data and download the file through an AsyncTask. If the file size is large use the DownloadManager service.

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Here is an example of a minimal AsyncTask to add in the onMessage method of the GCMIntentService: stackoverflow.com/a/17398749/418831 –  Jonathan Maim Aug 19 '14 at 12:26

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