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I have Flash Builder application that loads heavy child swfs. UI freeze for few seconds when swf loaded. Swfs are of two types:

  1. Swf with classes (similar to flex modules) - VM takes some time to parse bytes and add classes to application domain. Total swf size is about 2 MB.

  2. Swf with shapes (converted pdf) - VM also parses classes and library content with UI lock. Swf size could be 0.5 - 10 MB.

So I wish to use as3 Workers (multi threading feature), but haven't seen similar example so far. Questions:

  1. Does primary thread and children share the same Application domain (same classes)?

  2. Can I pass display objects between workers? I guess no, as arguments should be serialized.


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Worker threads are virtual instances of Flash runtime so they don't share application domain. You can only communicate between threads with MessageChannel (using amf serialized objects) and shared ByteArrays.

It's possible to serialize display objects with draw API to ByteArray or amf but I don't think this would be very efficient. This would be more realistic if you want to share bitmaps from workers.

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