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I'd like to throw together a basic Netbeans editor with syntax highlighting for a non-standard database language.

Initial target: highlight a set of reserved words and standard C multi-line comments.

Anyone savvy with this and could point me to a link, or a template?

One last thing: I've pulled down the Netbeans source tree before and tried to slog my way through it. Ugh. I'm looking more for a plug-in template that could do this, if there is one.

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the netbeans wiki has information on adding support for a new language. Look under point 3). It's a cumbersome process, but fairly straightforward

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Thanks Steen. Been awhile since I logged in, but this is what I was looking for, and couldn't find so many days ago. – jeremyosborne Jan 28 '10 at 23:47

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