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Is there a way to position a paragraph absolutely, in a way that also works when a list is added to the paragraph?

A google search shows that I should use ColumnText, but I can't get that to work if there is a list in the paragraph. It simply shows the list items next to each other on the same linie. Here is my test program:

        PdfWriter writer=PdfWriter.getInstance(document,new FileOutputStream("/tmp/output.pdf"));
        ColumnText ct = new ColumnText(writer.getDirectContent());
        Paragraph p=new Paragraph();
        List list=new List();
        list.add(new ListItem("First item"));
        list.add(new ListItem("second item"));
        list.add(new ListItem("third item"));
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I looked in the changelogs of iText and I discovered that this was fixed in iText 5.2.1, released on March 31st, 2012. That's over a year ago. Please upgrade to the latest version and the problem will disappear.

Note that all 5.2.x versions were removed from SourceForge because they contained a bug that occasionally produced PDFs that weren't compliant with ISO-32000-1. Based on the description of your problem, I know that you're using a version of iText that is even older than the 5.2.x series, so you definitely need to upgrade.

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Sorry, I can't. We currently don't have the 1.615€ needed for a server license -( –  MTilsted Apr 13 '13 at 14:27
Will you be profitable in the future? If so, mail sales at iText and ask for Garry. Refer to this post and he can make you a start-up deal. –  Bruno Lowagie Apr 13 '13 at 14:31

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