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My BackboneJS "list item view" is defined as follows:

  class TagListView extends Backbone.View

    render: =>
      @collection = new TagCollection
        order_by : "name"
      , =>

    on_success: =>
      view_arr  = []      
      @collection.each (tag_model) =>
        tag = new TagView {model: tag_model}
        view_arr.push tag.render().el
      @$el.empty().append view_arr

How would I change this to MarionetteJS collection view? I tried the following, and it doesn't seem to work?

  class TagListView extends Marionette.CollectionView

    onBeforeRender: =>
      @collection = new TagCollection
        order_by : "name"
      , =>

I'm simply removing the on_sccess() method, since my understanding is that the CollectionView will do the rendering of its items by its render method?

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You are correct.

The collection view binds to the "add", "remove" and "reset" events of the collection that is specified. Once any of these events happend, collection view will automatically update the view, either part or entier.

Another thing you may want to know is in version 1.0.0, when a collection do fetch, it will not longer trigger the reset event by default. To get the old behavior, pass {reset: true}.

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