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I am currently developing some application in C# and I am using a n-tier architecture and embedded database SQL Server Compact. SQL Server Compact is pretty new to me, and I have some problem with connection string to this database. My n-tier application consists from DataTier, MiddleTier, PresentationTier. Every layer is separate project in solution.

DataTier contains the db file db.sdf and files for EF 5.0 including entities. Model was created with a database-first approach.

I had idea that I can build this embedded database directly into dataTier.dll and reference to it from other layers but I don't want to make connection string absolute, so I currently using connection string in this form:

Data Source = |DataDirectory|\db.sdf 

in every layer, which is nonsense cause it creates separate database for each layer, but I can not find out how to make connection string relatively to database in dataTier. Is that even possible?

Could you point me to right direction or what is best approach to this problem?


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Well, your data tier should expose a general-purpose interface to the higher layers - something like a repository or something similar - that doesn't require any of the other tiers to know about what database is being used (and therefore they shouldn't need the connection string, either!) – marc_s Apr 13 '13 at 14:42
I have managers in middleTier to work with db but when I want to test in unit tests it throws exception no connections string defined.... So if I understand it right , connection string should be only in dataTier? – eXPi Apr 13 '13 at 14:57

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