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I am converting a README.md file to README.rst. The reason is, I am going to make a package available to PyPi. I am forced to use .rst.

My conversion is nearly complete, but I have a strikethrough line in my markdown file, e.g.:

~~This text is crossed out~~

which renders on GitHub as crossed out. But I am unable to do this in reStructuredText. A similar post on StackOverflow suggests defining a strike like this:

.. role:: strike
    :class: strike

And using something like this in the CSS file:

.strike {
  text-decoration: line-through;

And do strikethrough like this:

:strike:`This text is crossed out`

But the problem is I have no control over CSS file of GitHub.

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This is not possible right now as the Markdown equivalent is top level GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax, whereas with the RST it is a document-specific style. On GitHub's repository rendering, there are currently no CSS additions permitted.

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