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I'm attempting my first Python program and could use a little help. My script on github

I need a way to print the metadata in a PCAPNG file. I want to print the application and version, OS, and interface for starters. The Section Header Block and the Interface Description Block contain the data I need.

My problem is the blocks/fields are not at a fixed size because of the Options field in each block:
PCAPNG format, See section 3.1 and 3.2


1.) Are there any Python libraries that print that information?
2.) If not, are there any ways through Python that information could be easily grabbed

Thanks in advance.

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There are no such libraries, you will have to write your own parser for the PCAPNG Section Header Blocks.

Another option is to implement code to do a HTTP POST of the PCAPNG file to pcapng.com and parse the extracted metadata from the HTML result.

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