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So I've been struggling all day today trying to create an instance of a class called 'Sport'. I've got my code set up so I run the User Interface, which then runs a constructor, which then runs another constructor which loads the Sport values from a text file.

The problem is, the way I'm apparently creating the objects is wrong. Could really use some help.

public static void seperateValues(String sportDetail)

    String[] sportDetails = sportDetail.split(",");
    System.out.println("Adding new sport to the Sport collection");

    for(int i=0; i<sportDetails.length; i++) //just used for testing whether it was splitting correctly
    }  */ 

    // name,usagefee,insurance,affiliationfees, then court numbers
    int vlength;
    vlength = sportDetail.length();

    String[] sportDetailz;
    sportDetailz = new String[vlength];    
    sportDetailz[0] = sportDetails[0]; //name
    sportDetailz[1] = sportDetails[1]; //usage fees
    sportDetailz[2] = sportDetails[2]; //insurance
    sportDetailz[3] = sportDetails[3]; //afflcationfees

    String vSportObjectName;
    vSportObjectName = sportDetails[0];

    String sportinstance;
    sportinstance = sportDetails[0]; //this is the name of the sport which I'm hoping each loop around 
    //it will give a new name to
    Sport sportinstance = new Sport(sportDetails); 


Error message: variable sportinstance is already defined in method seperateValues(java.lang.String)

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Please provide the error message as text in the question, not as an image. – Kninnug Apr 13 '13 at 15:27
You're re-using a variable name; don't. – Dave Newton Apr 13 '13 at 15:28

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I'm guessing your issue is that you first declare sportinstance as a String. You then try to define it again as a Sport.

Just remove the following lines and try again (as it doesn't look like they actually are used anywhere else):

String sportinstance;
sportinstance = sportDetails[0];

The other option would be to simply rename either one of your instances of sportinstance.

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I'm trying to make my program work so that each time the method loops, it creates the object instance with a new name. So 'sportinstance' each time around is a new sport. either being 'tennis' or 'soccer' – user2277729 Apr 13 '13 at 15:42

You are trying to define sportinstance as two different datatypes and Java will not allow this. Either change the name of the Sport definition of sportinstance to another variable name or remove the definition.

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