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I'm building an CMS as a subset of gems, all inheriting from the Base gem. Each gem provides different functionality, i.e. blog, pages, events, etc. I want to setup my Base gem so that it can dynamically build a Navigation based on the installed gems. I don't want to automatically do this by finding all the controllers/routes, I'd rather have each gem identify the navigation items an Array of Hashes, i.e.:

# In my Admin controller (from which all other gem controllers inherit)
@admin_navigation = [{controller: "users", label: "Users", sort_order: 10}, {controller: "settings", label: "Settings", sort_order: 11}]

# In my Pages gem
@admin_navigation += [{controller: "pages", label: "Pages", sort_order: 3}, {controller: "page_templates", label: "Pagetemplates", sort_order: 8}]

# In my blog gem
@admin_navigation += [{controller: "posts", label: "Blog", sort_order: 4}, {controller: "tags", label: "Tags", sort_order: 5}]

Basically I want my @admin_navigation variable to include all of the navigation items from each inherited controller. Is there a way for a controller to call a method from each inherited controller?

Is there a better way to accomplish this? In the end, I just need an array of these navigation item hashes to build my menu. Thanks in advance!

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You could use the ruby inherited method for classes. So within your AdminController, you would

def self.inherited(subclass)
  @admin_navigation ||= []
  @admin_navigation += subclass.admin_navigation

Assuming that @admin_navigation is exposed as a class method on your inheriting controllers. You would also have to make sure that AdminController is defined first and after that all controllers are truely loaded afterwards, so that they trigger the callback.

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