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I am using jquery validation for my form and i have set an invalidHandler that show an error on the top of form and scroll to that message.

I am trying to hide that message when field validation is success but i can not find anything in validate() option that will help me.

(not when user click submit.For example if i have one textbox on the form and click submit i display the message, when the user write something to textbox and it pass the validation i want to hide the message without the user click submit)

Maybe i can count the number of errors on success but i dont know how.


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if you give your error at the top of your form an id of 'foo',

<div id="foo">error here</div>

and set the errorContainer option, then when the form is valid again the element #foo will disappear

  errorContainer: "#foo"

note the element #foo must be within the form

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Thanks, its working.Is is possible to replace the error with a success message instead? –  ntan Apr 13 '13 at 16:47

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