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i have a sybase database *.DB file i dont know which software created it and which version i want to know which sybase engine is used and which version and is the version of the engine related to spesific software i mean can i use any client with this database engine

also i want to know a brief steps to how to install the sybase engine and the client software and restore the database created from the DB file

Sorry for these many questions as i am a MS SQL developer but i need to open this sybase DB and convert it to MS SQL :(

Thanks in advance

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.db is typically used by Sybase SQL Anywhere, and Sybase IQ. Since you are tasked with converting it to MS SQLServer, it's a safe bet that the file is from SQL Anywhere.

You can find out about installing, and upgrading .db files here

Once you have the software installed, and the database running, you can use Sybase Central, the management GUI, or dbunload on the command line to extract the DDL you need to build your MS SQLServer Environment.

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thx i tried it but failed with theses messages window dbunload -v -c "UID=dba;PWD=***;DBF=C:\Documents and Settings\mariam\Desktop\asmaaaa.DB" -an "C:\Documents and Settings\mariam\Desktop\NewDatabase.db" -ap 4096 -ea None -ii -sa -so _sc154244321 Connecting and initializing ***** SQL error: Unable to start database server: Server fatal error The database 'C:\Documents and Settings\mariam\Desktop\asmaaaa.DB' could not be unloaded. The database 'C:\Documents and Settings\mariam\Desktop\asmaaaa.DB' could not be unloaded. –  Mariam Nagy Apr 15 '13 at 11:53
Have you successfully run the database? I would make sure you can access the database (via isql or Sybase Central), before you attempt to run dbunload. –  Michael Gardner Apr 15 '13 at 15:19

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