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I want to read a file and get the the number of unique words in it. So far I am able to read the file line by line (readline), store it in an arraylist and then manipulate the string.

My input will look like :

(OR (OR tv party) (study)) (=> exam (NOT (OR tv party)))

Basically, I am trying to convert each line from prefix to infix and I need to find out all the diff variables involved in the input file (like tv, party etc) so that I can construct a truth table and test the cases.

Currently I am manipulating all the Strings in the array list. Is there a better way yo do this?

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Ok, I'm reading up on Scanner now. But since I can't find a pattern for finding just the variables (apart from the fact that they're in small). – P R Apr 13 '13 at 18:16
Your question is unclear specially the prefix to infix part..give an example with expected output..and what have you tried! – Anirudha Apr 13 '13 at 18:19
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If you want to find the variables, try:

String line = "(OR (OR tv party) (study)) (=> exam (NOT (OR tv party)))";
Scanner sc = new Scanner(line);
Set<String> set = new TreeSet<String>();
while(sc.hasNext()) {
    String word =;
    if (!word.isEmpty()) {

This prints:

[exam, party, study, tv]
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Split lines and store the words into Set. At the end you will get the unique words. If you want to know the words count too use map<String, Integer> where key (string) is the words and value (integer) is the counter.

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