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I added bootstrap popovers to the calendar events which open on click:

eventClick: (event, jsEvent, view) ->
  if event.ajaxUrl?
    elem = jQuery(@)

    jQuery.ajax({url: event.ajaxUrl})
    .done (result) ->
        placement: 'top'
        html: true
        trigger: 'manual'
        title: moment(event.start).format('dddd, DD. MMMM YYYY - HH:mm')
        content: result
        container: 'body')


My problem is, that these popovers stay open when I change the calendar view (e.g. change the month or to week/day layout). As the popovers are bound to the .fc-event divs/spans within the calendar, I need to access these DOM elements to run .popover('destroy').

Whenever a fullCalendar view is changed, the old DOM-Elements are replaced with the ones for the new view, so I would have to access them before the view is actually changed. Unfortunately there are only callbacks for event loading (loading which happens after the view is changed) and viewDisplay (same, but you get the new view).

To make sure I understood viewDisplay correctly, I added a small test to the calendar which always gives me "0" (the data-selector comes from jquery data selector)

viewDisplay: (view) ->

Is there a way to hook into the calendar process everytime the view is to be changed - but before the view is actually changed?


For now I'm simply destroying the popovers once the mouse is moved over any calendar button (as a bind to click would be executed after the view change), but this solution is just a workaround

jQuery('.fc-button').on 'mouseover', () ->
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