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In numerous places, the Apple documentation talks about packages of files (e.g. for iCloud) created by NSFileWrapper. Is this is any way similar to the .pkg format used to hide a folder as a single file on the OS X platform?

I have an app with multiple text files that I'd like to be able to let the user backup. I've used NSFileWrapper to create a single 'file' that does this. I had assumed that this was similar to a .pkg file on OS X, but despite then bringing the file into OS X (via email) I have no way of opening it - despite renaming files, etc.

So, is the NSFileWrapper 'package' completely different to the OS X 'package'?

Thanks, Richard

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No. One works on the filesystem level, while the other is a bunch of files compressed together with a specirfic set of unpacking instructions

NSFileWrapper, From the link you mentioned:

A file wrapper is a runtime representation of a file-system node, which is either a directory, a regular file, or a symbolic link.

While a .pkg would look something like:

A xar-based format used on a number of platforms to install files.

Wikipedia, (un)surprisingly enough, has a decent overview of what exactly a .pkg is.

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Many thanks for explaining this. –  Richard Apr 14 '13 at 9:41

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