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Right now, I'm trying to create a WYSIWYG HTML editor, and I need to display the source code of a contentEditable div next to the div that is being edited. I'm trying to automatically synchronize these two elements, and I'm not yet sure what the best approach would be.

<div contentEditable ="true" id = "showSourceCodeForThis">test 1</div>
<input type = "text" id = "showSourceCodeHere"></input>

Whenever the contentEditable div is updated, I want the displayed source code to be automatically updated as well, and vice-versa. Is it possible to synchronize the contents of a contenteditable div with a text box that shows the source code of the contenteditable div?

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Here is one working solution:


<div contentEditable ="true" id = "showSourceCodeForThis">test 1</div>
<input type = "text" id = "showSourceCodeHere"></input>


function test(){
    var divs = document.getElementById('showSourceCodeForThis');
            document.getElementById('showSourceCodeHere').value = document.getElementById('showSourceCodeForThis').innerHTML;

function test2(){
    var divs = document.getElementById('showSourceCodeHere');
            document.getElementById('showSourceCodeForThis').innerHTML = document.getElementById('showSourceCodeHere').value;

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