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Any advice on how to get MySpace or Orkut info such as birthdate from a person's profile using OAuth using the OpenSocial PHP Client library?

I am lost on the process, and the tutorials are complicated. Any simple code would be helpful!


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First, you need the PHP Open Social Client.

As shown in the documentation, you will need to create an osapi container, which requires a provider and an authorization object. In the case of MySpace, it would look something like:

$provider = new osapiMySpaceProvider();
$auth = new osapiOAuth2Legged("<consumer key>", "<consumer secret>", "<OpenSocial user ID>");
$osapi = new osapi($provider, $auth);

I'm afraid I have no idea what goes in the auth area, whether it's those actual strings or something that you should already know. I'm sure the page I got it from has more info. But either way, once you have the osapi container, you can then make requests for user info:

   $profile_fields = array(

$self_request_params = array(
      'userId' => $userId,              // Person we are fetching.
      'groupId' => '@self',             // @self for one person.
      'fields' => $profile_fields       // Which profile fields to request.

$result = $osapi->people->get($self_request_params), 'self');
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