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I have used the binarySearch on array of BigInteger, I tested with a few numbers, seems working fine. So I assume I don't need to implement/override any methods (e.g. Comparator) for it to work properly?

I'm using the following method:

static int  binarySearch(Object[] a, Object key) 
//Searches the specified array for the specified object using the binary search algorithm.

Like this:

int i = Arrays.binarySearch(arrayOfBigIntsPreDefined,new BigInteger("1111111111111111"));

If there is a better/proper/well-known method, please also suggest.

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So let me get this right. It works for you. There is no performance problem. Why did you ask this question again? –  Adam Gent Apr 13 '13 at 19:48

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BigInteger already implements Comparable<BigInteger>, so there's no need to pass in your own Comparator (unless you for some reason decide to redefine how two BigInteger are compared).

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