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I have the following entity property defined as the following metadata shows:

        {"messageTemplate":"'%displayName%' is not valid",

When I attempt to call entityAspect.validateProperty("website"), and the value of the website property is null, the call to the validateProperty() method throws the following exception:

"Unable to get property 'complexAspect' of undefined or null reference"

I wouldn't expect this behavior since it's possible that the website entity property could be null. It looks like there may be a null reference handling bug in the validateProperty method:

In Breeze.debug.js:

proto.validateProperty = function (property, context) {
    var value = this.getPropertyValue(property); // performs validations

    if (value.complexAspect) { // THROWS EXCEPTION IF 'value' IS NULL
        return validateTarget(value);

    context = context || {};
    context.entity = this.entity;
    if (typeof(property) === 'string') {
        context.property = this.entity.entityType.getProperty(property, true);
        context.propertyName = property;
    } else {
        context.property = property;
        context.propertyName = property.name;

    return this._validateProperty(value, context);

Just curious if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is just a bug?

Thanks, Richard

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Edit: This was fixed in Breeze v1.3.0, available now.

This is a bug, and will be fixed in the next release, out later this week. ... and thx for finding and reporting it :)

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Great, I'll look forward to the upcoming fix. –  RWHepburn Apr 16 '13 at 1:06

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