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I have a table with binded data (KnockoutJS) like this:


 <th class="rotated">Row 1</th>               
 <!-- ko foreach: Dog-->            
     <p data-bind="text: Name">
 <!-- /ko -->

Problem is that I'd like to have fixed numebr of columns, for example 5, but sometimes there isn't much data so there are less than 5 columns generated. I'd like to know what is the best way how to add the columns so they are always 5.

I made a javascript function which goes through all the rows, counts the <td> tags and add <td> tags if needed. Is there other option? thank you.

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You should always use an array with 5 items even though it has empty values in it.

For example:

 var Dog = [{Name:"dog1"},{Name:"dog2"},{Name:""},{Name:"dog3"},{Name:""}];
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