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Visual Studio permits exporting and importing shortcut keys. However, it appears to be all or nothing.

I want to distribute a file to other developers that they can use to set particular shortcuts without losing all of their existing custom shortcuts.

If I use the Import and Export Settings Wizard and edit the .vssettings file to (for example) reduce the UserShortcuts section to the following:

    <Shortcut Command="View.ObjectBrowser" Scope="Global">Alt+=</Shortcut>

Importing this works, but wipes out all other custom shortcuts.

The best case would be if I could:

  • add new shortcuts
  • remove conflicting existing shortcuts
  • preserve all other shortcuts (custom or default)
  • in both VS 2012 and 2010
  • without spending days developing a custom solution.

Can this be done, and if so, how?

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