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Somewhat new to active admin (4-5 internal apps). I've found it to be straightforward and flexible.

However, when I deploy an app to a context other than root, the menus fail.

For example given a domain, 'Rate' the menu generates a link to '/admin/rates'. No problems, all works as expected. However, if I deploy to context '/xyz' the menu still generates a link of '/admin/rates' instead of the '/xyz/admin/rates' expected.

Is there a configuration step I might have missed?



I'm deploying on torquebox

Tried surrounding in a scope, made me more confused. ie /xyz/xyz/admin/rates

scope :path => '/xyz' do
 devise_for :admin_users, ActiveAdmin::Devise.config
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In your project directory look for app/admin/rates.rb

ActiveAdmin.register Rate do
    menu :url => "/app/admin/rates" 

This will change the URL that the menu item links to only. Without affecting the routing in rails.

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