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To the handlebars (version 1.0.0-rc.3) template I am passing two variables, one is the json and the other one is the string containing the current language on site.

self.template = template({ data: self.model, lang:self.lang });

Then inside my template file I am having issues with displaying lang variable inside the if statement. So the structure of my template is the following:

 {{#each data}}    
     {{#if this.title}} 
          ...some html...
           <a class='links' href="{{../lang}}/work/{{}}">View Project</a> 
          ...some html...

I am unable to access the lang variable only inside the if statement and outside is being shown properly... Please advise...

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I've found a solution by creating a handlebars helper function:

Handlebars.registerHelper( 'language'
                           , function() {
                                return self.lang;           

Then in the template I can use {{language}} where ever needed.

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