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I'm using the Rust 0.6 compiler for Mingw32. I'm able to compile small programs that import from "core", but not from "std". Here is a transcript showing a trivial example and how I am compiling it:

$ cat prog.rs
use std;

Dad@SAL ~
$ rustc.exe prog.rs
error: failed to resolve imports
prog.rs:1:4: 1:8 error: unresolved import
prog.rs:1 use std;
error: aborting due to 2 previous errors

How to I get rustc.exe to resolve the import?

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You first need to load the external crate via extern mod std;, and then you can use modules within that crate, or just use them directly qualified by std, e.g.

extern mod std;
use std::bigint;

fn main () {

There is more information here.

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