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I am trying to create a table in sqlite that takes data from a csv file and adds an autoincrementing primary key to the first column. Here is the table I am trying to insert data into:

CREATE TABLE Allegiance (
  CharacterID INTEGER,
  Title TEXT,
  FOREIGN KEY (CharacterID) REFERENCES Characters(CharacterID));

Here is the data in the .csv file

, 3, King of the North
, 14, King of the Andals and the First Men
, 15, Lord of Dragonstone
, 26, Khaleesi
, 35, Lord Reaper of Pyke

This is the error I recieve:

sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> import allegiances.csv Allegiance;
Error: datatype mismatch

I receive the same error if I have "null" before the first comma in each line. When I add random numbers before the first comma in each line, I do not get any errors. However, the actual dataset I need to work with may be much larger and therefore, I can't simply manually add in a unique primary key for each entry. I'd really appreciate some help with this

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An empty field in a CSV file is just an empty string, which is not valid for an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column.

Import into a temporary table without that column, then copy the data over with:

INSERT INTO Allegiance(CharacterID, Title) SELECT * FROM TempTable;
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