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I'm trying to find a way to manage the markers I have on a android map (v2) implementation in my app. I'd like to be able to draw markers that are inside the viewable boundary and at the same time only show markers above a certain zoom level. It seems like a common problem. So, I'm asking if anybody here uses something like a marker manager library or something. Just to make things easier and that I don't have to make one from scratch. Thanks.

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Not yet a manager, but you may want to check Android Maps Extensions, which has clustering functionality.


In AME, drawing markers inside visible region can be achieved by using:

map.setClustering(new ClusteringSettings().addMarkersDynamically(true));


map.setClustering(new ClusteringSettings().enabled(false).addMarkersDynamically(true));

if you don't want clustering but only optimize for case when adding many markers.

Showing markers only when you hit a certain zoom level is not yet fully implemented, but already requested here.

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