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I display several routes on google maps. When users hovers/clicks over/on the routes (or in their vicinity) I bring up a pop up with route information.

The problem is, I think Google didn't make the routes to be clicked/hovered on because you need great mouse precision! You gotta be on the route pixels to click on it or hover to activate. That's quite challenging!

I've tried making the route lines thicker, but I can't make them too thick before they overlap and become visually useless.

How to increase hover area?

I've noticed that for directions, Google has a mouse tracker that shows up for a larger mouse distance from a route. This mouse tracker is a point on a route which shows up when the mouse is a certain distance from the route. It's kinda what I want. I could implement one manually by going through all the segments in a route and calculate distance from segment end points (and perhaps a few points interpolated on a segment - depending on segment length) to mouse coordinates on map. I'd have to take into account zoom level or have a way to transform distance on map to distance/pixels on screen.

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