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I seem to be having issues with the code below, I am trying get url1 from database as soon as the view loads (to speed things up), when i press the play button to play the stream at (void)createStreamer the application crashes, somehow i think the url1 is not passed properly to the createStreamer function.

below is my .m .h and error log. Please help me? if i move the database fetching from (void)viewDidLoad to (void)createstreamer function, i have no issues. but i would like to fetch the url1 earlier in the program execution

.m file

    // createStreamer
    // Creates or recreates the AudioStreamer object.
    - (void)createStreamer

        streamer = [[AudioStreamer alloc] initWithURL:url1];


    // viewDidLoad
    // sets the default path for the shoutcast stream 
    - (void)viewDidLoad
        [super viewDidLoad];

        // allocate a reachability object
        Reachability* reach_redundancy_link = [Reachability reachabilityWithHostname:@""];
        // set the blocks
        reach_redundancy_link.reachableBlock = ^(Reachability*reach)
            reachable = true;
            database_flag_query = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
            database_flag = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:database_flag_query encoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding error:&error];

            database_flag = [database_flag stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet]];

            if ([database_flag isEqualToString: @"1"])
                NSLog(@"URL flag is set");
                database_url_query = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
                database_url = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:database_url_query encoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding error:&error];
                database_url = [database_url stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet]];
                url1 = [NSURL URLWithString:[database_url stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]];

                NSLog(@"URL flag is not set, Reverting to stored value");
                //url1 = [NSURL URLWithString: [NSString stringWithFormat: @""]];
                url1 = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];


        reach_redundancy_link.unreachableBlock = ^(Reachability*reach)
            reachable = false;
            url1 = [NSURL URLWithString: [NSString stringWithFormat: @""]];

        // start the notifier which will cause the reachability object to retain itself!
        [reach_redundancy_link startNotifier];

.h file

NSURL *database_url_query;
NSURL *database_flag_query;
NSURL *url1;
NSString *database_flag;
NSString *database_url;
NSError *error;
BOOL reachable;

Error Log

2013-04-14 11:28:06.192 iQkradio[62333:4803] REACHABLE!
2013-04-14 11:28:06.822 iQkradio[62333:4803] URL flag is not set, Reverting to stored value
2013-04-14 11:28:06.822 iQkradio[62333:4803]
2013-04-14 11:28:09.562 iQkradio[62333:61b] -[__NSCFDictionary absoluteURL]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x833f170
2013-04-14 11:28:09.563 iQkradio[62333:61b] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSCFDictionary absoluteURL]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x833f170'
*** First throw call stack:
(0x1dd3012 0x1bf8e7e 0x1e5e4bd 0x1dc2bbc 0x1dc294e 0x1d5c4fb 0x1330360 0x138fedd 0x142cb42 0x1392ad1 0x8737 0x90ee 0xea805 0xea764 0x955aa557 0x95594cee)
libc++abi.dylib: terminate called throwing an exception

the streamer code streamer = [[AudioStreamer alloc] initWithURL:url1]; point to streamer.m as shown below

- (id)initWithURL:(NSURL *)aURL
    self = [super init];
    if (self != nil)
    url = [aURL retain];  ///////////////code breaks here
    return self;

the error showing the above line is

Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code 2, address 0x7)

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Since the error points to a method called absoluteURL you should check your app for uses of that. (I looks as if that's being called on something that has already been released.) My other suggestion would be to put a breakpoint on Objective-C exceptions so that you can see the full stack at the time of the error. – Phillip Mills Apr 14 '13 at 2:53
Which line is causing the error? This is probably a memory management issue. Are you using ARC or MRC? Where is url1 being used? None of the code you posted makes use of that variable. – rmaddy Apr 14 '13 at 4:32
url1 is used here (void)createStreamer streamer = [[AudioStreamer alloc] initWithURL:url1]; – Ossama Apr 14 '13 at 4:49
this is where the break happens - (id)initWithURL:(NSURL *)aURL { self = [super init]; if (self != nil) { url = [aURL retain]; } return self; } – Ossama Apr 14 '13 at 8:37
i appended the code in my original message on top – Ossama Apr 14 '13 at 8:37

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