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I'm wondering if its possible to do multidimensional arrays in rails?

I'd like to get something like to formulate some data:

apple => 'tasty', 'red', 'round'
cereal => 'milk', 'breakfast'
name => 'tags'

Where I'm trying to get the name-value pair where the right side is tags so when I call the name, I can get tags.


I currently have this

@array = ['apple', 'cereal', 'name']

But would like to add tags to these

@array = ['apple'=>['tasty', 'red', 'round'], 'cereal' => ['milk', 'breakfast'], 'name' => ['tags']]

I wanted to do something like this, so when I do a loop to output only the names, and the associated tags.

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Get from where? For what? That's not a "multi-dimensional array", it's a hash with array values, at least so far. –  Dave Newton Apr 14 '13 at 1:58
@DaveNewton I edited my question, maybe its more clear? I guess its not a multi dimension array yet, but would like to get some kind of basis, if I have to do more –  andrewliu Apr 14 '13 at 2:30

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Like Dave Newton said above in the question's comments, it's called a hash, it's for things like key => value. Hash's can use Array's as values, Array's can use Hashes as values.

{apple: ['tasty', 'red', 'round'], cereal: ['milk', 'breakfast'], name: ['tags']}

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I edited my question, I was wondering if its the samething? –  andrewliu Apr 14 '13 at 2:28
No, you need to put the curly braces around it { and } instead of normal array ones. If you have the => you need curly braces. E.g. @array = {'apple'=>['tasty', 'red', 'round'], 'cereal' => ['milk', 'breakfast'], 'name' => ['tags']} –  FluffyJack Apr 14 '13 at 2:42

What you want is called Hash, whose element are key-value pair. The key should be is string or symbol ;the value could be any object.

In you specific case, apple is the key, and ['tasty', 'red', 'round'] is the value.

Check out this link for more about Hash in Ruby.

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Have you heard of YAML? You can put your data in YAML format in a file, read it in, and it automatically will create your hashes and arrays for you:

   - tasty
   - red
   - round
   - milk
   - breakfast
name: tags

and then in ruby: require 'yaml'

file.each_pair do |key, value|
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