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When I call the following :

this.get('controller').transitionToRoute('dashboards.submenu',  {dashboard_id: "31", item_id: "97", subitem_id: "11"} );

I've also tried:

this.get('controller').transitionToRoute('dashboards.submenu',  dash, item, subitem);

without success...

My url goes like this :


Unfortunately I would of like it to be


Any idea why?

If I go directly to


It works properly....

this is my router....

App.Router.map(function () {
    this.resource("index",  { path: "/" });

    this.resource("dashboards",  { path: "/dashboards" } , function(){
               this.route("main", { path: '/' });
               this.route("index", { path: '/:dashboard_id' });
               this.route("submenu", { path: '/:dashboard_id/:item_id/:subitem_id' });
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You need to implement both model and serialize methods for your route. For example:

model: function(params) {
  return Ember.Object.create({dashboard_id: params.dashboard_id, item_id: params.item_id, subitem_id: params.subitem_id});

serialize: function(model) {
  return {dashboard_id: model.get('dashboard_id'), item_id: model.get('item_id'), subitem_id: model.get('subitem_id')};
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Thank you, I had tried the serialize / deserialize method without success... not it works... Even though, model dont have "get" method, I had to use model.dashboard_id , model.item_id, model.subitem_id –  TheAce Apr 14 '13 at 13:30

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